Remarketing AdWords

Remarketing Strategies are applied to display ads among digital audience who earlier had visited your website or used mobile app. DigitalPre: Remarketing Company shows relevant ads to those who just visited website or mobile app or via Google, without any purchase.

Remarketing ads comprises static image, video, animated image and text ads. Popularly remarketing ads Google and remarketing ads Facebook are best to choose as both online platforms are the most used by people. But it all depends on your target audience and so other platforms may have to be targeted.

  •   Special tracking code is performed to place cookies and aiding ads to such cookie.
  •   Creating Content for visitors having shown enough interest in products or services, which are most likely to purchase.
  •   Tracking website visitors.
  •   To get best out of remarketing ads.
  •   Optimization of remarketing campaigns.
  •   PPC Campaigns.